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This is a mini vent, it's not that big of an issue but its annoying non-the-less. Why is it that even when you make sure to spell everything out clear and concise for people in your post, they still come at you with dumb things to say or ask?

For example; I made a post today in a face book group aimed at health topics. I specifically asked for good recommendations on individual vitamins and minerals. I stated in my post that I was not interested in multivitamins because I have an autoimmune disease and my body needs more than the standard recommended dosage. For example, I have to take 5,000IU of vitamin D a day, 4,000 MCG of b12 methylcobalamin, and so on. A multivitamin does not work for me. Also, I have to take them in liquid form because of my intestinal issues. BUT! that's all besides the point. I pointed this out very clear in my post and yet I still get met with a bunch of replies like "why don't you take a daily multivitamin?", "I take this prenatal vitamin and it works great, my hair has never been better" ........... -_- READ PEOPLE!!!!!
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I have been guilty of scanning things too quickly too. But yes, it's annoying when people just randomly type things out, demonstrating they didn't care what you said at all!
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