Has anyone had a hard to clear up sinus infection?

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I made a post weeks ago about my 10 yr old having a cough that got worse and plugged feeling in her throat. We were prescribed amoxicillin for 10 days and for her to keep taking her allergy medicine. She started to get better while taking the medicine but after it ended started to go back to what she was before. I brought her in today a few weeks after her medicine. The Dr today said that with all her symptoms it sounds like a stubborn sinus infection and prescribed 14 days of augmention, a saline spray, and her claritin that she always takes. I'm frustrated because she seems to have hard to clear up infections and she's 10 and has taken so many antibiotics already. For a few years we had tons of ear infections and tubes then step and now we've moved on to sinus infections. Are there any natural remedies that will help clear it up?
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I dont know a natural remedy but have you considered a ENT isit? I had a sinus infectiin on amd off for 6 months. As soon as the antibiotics finished it was back and terrible within a day or two. I finally saw an ENT dr amd they did a sinus cleanout. Im sure it has a technical term but idk what it was called. They sedated me with IV meds and used a machine to suck stuff out deep in my sinuses and then washed them with a solution of meds. Maybe they could do the same for your daughter. Id recommend the full knock out instead of sedation though. I took the sedation to save money amd wished Id chose to be knocked out. It didnt hurt per se but it was weird, uncomfortable pressures and strange cracking/gurgle noises.
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I would be asking for a referal to an ENT also
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Nasal wash and see an ent.

An ent told me to do the nasal wash, I use Neil med brand and I use the bottle and when my sinus infection wouldn’t go away I did it twice a day and it helped clear it up.
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Get her vitamin d levels checked. If she's getting sick all the time, she's probably very deficient in D. Getting her d level up will strengthen her immune system so she won't be sick all the time.
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The only thing that helped my daughter was an good ENT. She did end up having surgery, but it has been amazing, the first thing she said in the recovery room was "I can breathe". It's been two years and the difference is night and day.
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Neti pot for temporary relief. And an ENT for permanent relief. Does she have her wisdom teeth yet?
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Have her teeth checked. My dh kept getting sinus infections. Turns out he had an abscessed tooth that kept infecting his sinuses. He had the tooth pulled( it was a bad tooth) & bam no more sinus infections.
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I use to get them all the time, and using a daily allergy nasal spray has been the only thing to keep them under control. Also Augmentin has always knocked mine out. Amoxicillin and Z-paks both suck atleast for my sinus infections. I would definitely ask for a referral to ENT and Allergy if you don’t already see one.
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I keep getting sinus infections back in 2007-10' after we came home from a trip to China. It was about every 5-6 weeks for over a year. I finally went to an ENT. I ended up having surgery in May 10'. It helped for a while and then I started having issues again. I went to an allergist and found out that I was allergic to a ton of stuff. I have been on shots since then ( had to stop for almost a year when I had a stroke in 16', but I am finally back in maintenance and almost done!!YAY!!) and I have only had one sinus infection in the 9 years since surgery and the 7 years since I started shots.
I would see about an allergist and/or an ENT in all honesty. Both the shots and surgery have given me back my life.
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