I need some good tried and true recipes

Share your favorite recipes with us! We want to see pictures of delicious food in here!
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For hamburger meat. Preferably something I can make gluten free. I have an instant pot so it can be a recipe for that.

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Make zuppa toscana with it!
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Spaghetti&meatballs. Use gluten free noodles. Since you have an IP. Look up Pressure Luck's IP recipes. He does have a website, and FB. There is also Amy+Jacky instant pot website too.
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There's this gluten-free meatless ground beef called "Neat" that they sell at kroger. I have it in my pantry but haven't tried it yet...

Donno if that's up your ally or not tho, LOL.

But you could make some yummy spaghetti with garlic bread and a garden salad.
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I recommend rice noodles in the place of regular noodles. They taste the best of all the gluten free ones. I prefer the white rice ones over the brown rice ones.
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