The college scandal...

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I know that a lot of for profit colleges are pieces of shit and prey on people and their degree is considered useless.

But now with this scandal about all of these elite schools, hell even state schools it really makes me wonder if college is even worth it anymore or if employers are really going to consider a degree from anywhere relevant from these schools.

What do you all think?
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My opinion:

College is absolutely worth it for many people.

Some for profit schools are still looked down upon in the workforce.

I have always felt IVY league schools were far over-rated. And research supports this opinion. obtaining a degree from one does not lead to an increased rates of happiness nor career or financial success compared to people who attend less prominent state universities, with the rare exception of going into specific research programs, (but most people are not going into fields to be famous for their research).
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Why would employers consider degrees from good schools worthless? We're talking about a few dozen kids out of hundreds of thousands over the years. You'd have to be pretty stupid to suddenly think anyone who got into Stanford must have bribed their way in. lol.

Employers already generally have a negative opinion of degrees from for-profit schools. Or, at least, they aren't impressed by them. I don't see how the two issues are related, though.
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Employers are smart enough to know that only a miniscule number of graduates will have been admitted to schools because of their parents committing felonies.

College is always worth it. Degrees from for profit universities are not going to be looked at any more favorably because of the scandal though. Degrees from Ivy League and outstanding private and public universities will always be more respected.
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My company requires degrees from ABET accredited schools. They are strict with that for most of their professional positions.

I have a lot of concerns about the watering down of the value of degrees for many reasons though.
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