He swallows my face!

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My husband and I have not really kissed (made out) in a very long time. The most I will do is a kiss on the lips. He wants to full on make out with me, but I cant do it. Because I hate the way he kisses! He swallows my whole face! Like my nose to my chin. Its all in there. The harsh truth is, he sucks at kissing! He is a terrible kisser. I have expressed my feelings as nice as I possibly could. I even tried giving him pointers. He just laughs it off like he thinks Im joking. But Im not! I dont know, should I lower the hammer and just say it bluntly that he sucks at it, since he is not taking me seriously? Or just leave it alone?
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Tell him dude you don't suck the entire face when you're kissing. Or you can do the same thing back to him to see how he likes it. I would tell him to stop doing that because it's a turn-off and I don't like it.
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