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I'm sliding into a very dark place full of anger and fear and the desire to do nothing more than crawl into bed and stay. I know I need help but am afraid. If I even begin to tell what my thoughts can be then I k ow they will lock me away. There is no amount of ink or paper to cure my mind. I can't be alone......anyone???
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You aren't alone but you need help. Do you have serious thoughts of hurting yourself or other people? If you do you NEED to tell someone so you can get the help you need and can be kept safe. If you don't you still need to get some help. If you can't do it yourself and you can't verbalize it write it down and hand it to your husband, parents or a trusted friend and ask them to help you. Or make a doctors appointment and hand him/her the letter. They'll usually start with some blood work to rule out anything physical making you feel this way and start you on medication. If you can't afford medication the doctor usually has free samples that can get you through the first few months until you're able to figure things out.

Be brave for yourself and your kids and take that first step. it's hard and it's scary but it's so worth it.
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