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I signed up for a company that sounds like Labfetics, because at the time I was getting a good deal on some athletic clothes. I soon realized that, IMO, this company is a ripoff. In that the clothes they offer is so not worth what they charge. Also they are not clear on how the credit system works. You pay $49.95 that equals one credit. It states you can use that credit for "ANY" outfit they choose for you. It says nothing about the pricing compared to the credit. It just states "ANY" you choose. But its a good thing that I had the sense to know that, that is probably not what they meant. I just think its a misleading way of putting it. So yesterday I had 3 credits on my account totalling $149.85. Thats 3 outfits they claim. So I go to use said credits for the first time since I signed up. They dont make it easy! They really dont have a lot of outfits that you could buy at exactly that price, and if you dont choose an outfit that equals that credit price, they wont add the credit.

So it was annoying and it took me a while to figure out what I could get. I ended up getting a shirt 2 pairs of athletic pants, and an over priced yoga mat that I didnt need, but had to buy because it was the only thing that was priced exactly as I needed so that I didnt have to pay more than the credited price.

So after dealing with that I was like.. okay this is convoluted, Im cancelling my membership. NOW, on the site it says in bold chipper lettering, "Cancel anytime with live chat!". So I go to cancel via live chat, because I know what you get when you call to cancel a service. Very conveniently the live chat would not work for me. I tried on my computer, on my phone and on my husbands computer, to make suer it wasnt on my end. NOPE! So I was forced to call them. Then when I get someone on the phone to cancel, the lady is like... "Well just before we cancel your membership, Im required to ask you why you would like to cancel the membership" I told simply that I didnt need it and I just wish to cancel it. THAT should be a good enough answer, but NOPE! She goes on to ask, where you not happy with the service? Is there anything we can do ... blah blah blah blah... I say no, please just cancel the membership. Then she goes on to say "Well before I do that, I would like to remind you that there is an option to skip the month. That way you doesn't have to cancel the membership and avoid the monthly payment. You can skip as many months as you'd like" I already know that! I dont care, just cancel the membership. I said you are over priced, your system is convoluted and Im not happy with the service, please cancel the membership. THEN she apologized and asked if I wanted to speak to the supervisor. Thats when I had to get ugly and yell at her. NO!!!! cancel the damn membership, now!!!

JFC!!!!! It shouldnt be this damn hard. No means NO! This is why I hate signing up for things that dont allow you to cancel through their website like netflix and hulu. I went against my better judgment on this one and I really should have known better. This company sucks imo. I cannot believe that I was forced to pay $25 for a damned yoga mat that I didnt even need, and could have bought at walmart or 5below for a lot less.

And to be clear, im not mad at the lady I spoke with. I know she was just doing her job. But the policy is out dated and stupid. You dont badger customers to stay with you. Thats the quickest way to ensure that they dont bother coming back.