The mysterious black goo

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La Mancha NegroA Hazard unique to Venezuelan highways is a slippery goo called La Mancha Negra (the black stain), although it is more of a sludge with the consistency of chewing gum. Although the government has spent millions of dollars in research, no one knows what the goo is and where it comes from, or how to get rid of it. It first appeared in 1987 on the road from Caracas to the airport, covering 50 yards, and spread inexorably every year. By 1992 it was a major road hazard all around the capital and it was claimed 1,800 motorists had died after losing control. The problem remains to this day.
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Hmmm. I'm a skeptic.

A google search and reading the Wikipedia page for this leads me to conclude this is now an urban legend based upon a corrupt government official or officials hiding embezzlement of millions of dollars.

There's no way they spent millions of dollars on researching what this is and not name a single source that conducted chemical analysis or an analysis report. No studies published. And the only result they have is "believe it to consist of oil and dust and other particles "....
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