Worst part of single parenthood

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At least when the other person isn't very involved- is wishing someone was as emotionally invested in your kid. My married friend was saying that because she works and basically does everything with the kids we have it the same. I agreed that our day to day responsibilities look very similar, but she can't understand the feeling of going to bed at night and feeling like their problems are yours alone to fix. Anyone else feel like this?
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Even with my ex husband involved the way he is. My kids feel like only my responsibility.
He just plays with them for a few days
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The hardest part for me is the loneliness. On days it has been a rough day I miss being able to get a hug, someone to vent too and snuggle up with. It is hard having to be the adult all the time, with all the responsibilities and no one to help my emotional well being sometimes.
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