fascinating documentary- divorce court in sharia law/Iran

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I would not wish being a woman in Iran on my worst enemy. its an hour long but worth the watch, makes you grateful to live in the west!

it immediately made me ponder, what is it about the west thats responsible for our values? the enlightenment? sure but also christianity. every western nation built on democracy has a christian history- I'd argue, christianity allows for secular government and reasoning which is why the enlightenment even happened, unlike islam which IS A POLITICAL IDEOLOGY in itself. So if we replace our populations with immigrants coming from cultures and religions completely counter to liberty and equality, what makes you think we will remain liberated and equal?
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Not every western nation built on democracy has a Christian history...

But do you know who else has a Christian history? Third world Latin American countries. A history of oppression, exploitation and forced conversion to Christianity, of course. And that legacy is a strong contributor to their current undeveloped status. The reason why Europeans countries and America developed wasn’t their Christian background, but rather their rejection of Christianity as a legal and moral force.
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Thanks for sharing!
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Government free from religion is what allows for freedom and equality.
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